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New Patients

**NOTE: New patients are not able to schedule appointments through the FollowMyHealth portal. If your child is a new patient, and you would like make an appointment to see Dr. Cook, please call us at (817) 426-6887 to get started.

Allergy Testing

Immunotherapy has proven to be a cost-effective and productive treatment for the long-term relief of allergy symptoms. Most patients are able to discontinue, or greatly reduce, the need for ongoing allergy symptom medication. Immunotherapy has a success rate of over 80% for those patients who complete therapy regimen.

Juice Plus+®  

The next best thing to fruits and vegetables, backed by clinical research. Juice Plus+ is the easiest way to add quality nutrition to your child's diet.

Learn more about the Children's Health Study.

Flu Vaccinations 
Flu vaccines are here! Schedule your appointment today.

Updated November, 2015

Deborah T. Cook, MD

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